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You’re not alone. Whether you call them Freckles, Sun Spots, Liver Spots or Age Spots, these small to medium sized flat dark markings are a collection of pigment known as melanin. What’s melanin? Melanin is caused by extended exposure to UV rays. These spots can occur at any age and typically affect lighter toned skin more so than darker pigmented skin. However, no one is immune to them and can find themselves the victim of one or multiple of these pesky spots. Because these spots are triggered by exposure to the sun, we get this complaint about splotches mostly at the end of summer, but they can appear at any time during the year.

Were you ever one of those sun bathers, oiling up and basking in the sun earlier in life? Well, that damage could be coming back to haunt you now in the form of an annoying dark splotch. The best thing to do when concerned about a spot (any spot) on your skin is to call one of our dermatologists and have it checked out. Once one of our dermatologists determines that it is not harmful, there are many options available for treating the discoloration.

First thing you can do to help with the appearance of dark spots on your skin is to get out of the sun. Yes, eliminating the source of the problem will help. Wear a visor or large hat when doing yard work or on vacation to keep your skin covered – but remember sun damage can occur in all seasons not just spring and summer. You can still be exposed to damaging rays in the fall, winter and even overcast, snowy and rainy days!

Once you know to protect yourself from the sun, meet with our licensed aesthetician who can help guide you to the right pharmaceutical grade skin care products, which have appropriate ingredients and pH. These products can be purchased for your convenience in our office. Products will not only help with discoloration but with the proper professionals helping, your skin care regimen can tackle other issues like skin texture and help bring back that youthful glow.

Skin care regimens need time to work, we let our clients know that 4 to 6 weeks is a good time frame to begin seeing a difference in their skin. However, if you want to see faster results, there are several in-office treatments we provide.

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